Label&Tag cutters

Pronto 482 Cutter Stacker voor Pronto!

4100 XE Cutter voor 4100 XE Cutter

Kiaro Label Cutter voor Kiaro!

Automatic label cutter integrates directly with the front panel of your Kiaro! inkjet label printer and cuts both die-cut and continuous rollstock materials. Can be used with both pressure-sensitive labels and non-adhesive tags.
Blade Life: up to 1.5 million cuts  
Cut Length: 1.0” (25.4 mm) - 4.72” (120 mm)
Material Thickness: 5.7 - 10 Mil (0.145 mm - 0.255 mm)

QLS4100 Xe Label Cutter voor QLS4100 Xe Label Cutter

Cutter offered for use with the QLS-4100 Xe
Blade Life: 1 million cuts
Minimum: length .4 inches, width 1 inches
Maximum: length 60 inches, width 5.000 inches

Standaard Label Cutter voor Pronto!, Plexo!, Plexo! Duo 453

This rotary cutter attaches via USB and integrates the cutting of labels and tags so that users can print and accurately cut labels and tags in a single process.
Minimum cut length: 0.47" (12 mm)
Maximum Cut Length: The printer's max. print length
Max. Label/Tag Thickness: 12 Mil (0.012”, 0.30 mm) on paper card stock